The content on www.arma3editor.com helps you to make the work with the Arma 3 Editor much easier. You do not need any knowledge in programming to create interesting and fun full missions for Arma 3 as long as you have the basic knowledge of the Arma 3 Editor.

On this website I will try  to explain every part of the Arma 3 Editor individually and show easy to follow examples with pictures and in some cases even tutorial videos.

Now it is up to you and your ideas and your creativity to create new good missions. This website doesn’t contain an directing Book, no Scenarios or any other Stories for your missions. That’s all up to you. But with arma3editor.com, you have all you need to make your ideas come true. Maybe you want to make a rescue mission or maybe you want your troops to attack the airfield and then kill an officer in the nearby village and then escape. Only your own imagination sets your limits if you follow my Arma 3 editor guide.

Good luck and lot of fun with the Arma 3  Editor